About Us
Stateside Bakery was born from nostalgia for the classic American desserts of our childhood — desserts from brands like Hostess and Little Debbie, that could only be found stateside.

We still wanted to eat those desserts, and we wanted our kids to be able to eat them too. But nostalgia aside, we just couldn’t overcome the artificial ingredients, the subpar quality, and the shame of going to a gas station to find a Twinkie. We started to wonder how much we could improve upon a Twinkie by using Madagascar vanilla beans and fresh Clover Farms dairy; or an Oreo made with the finest French Valrhona chocolate. (A lot, as it turns out.)

We hope you enjoy our nostalgic treats as much as we do, and that you make new memories with old standbys—that just happen to be (way) better than you remembered.

3001 Telegraph Ave., Suite E, Berkeley
Open Daily 11 am - 6 pm